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Product Design and DevelopmentPlastic Molded Parts

If your company is looking for solutions to project specific challenges that have to do with developing just the right plastic molded parts for your project, Mega Corporation can help you make your idea, or concept become a reality. 

Mega Corporation has become a leader in plastic molded products, and the injection molding industry and specializes in providing our clients with exceptional quality close tolerance engineered plastic molded products, assemblies, and materials.

It doesn't matter whether you have completely figured out what you want with your design or not, as we take great pride in being able to work with all of our customers from the earliest points of their design concepts. We are able to work closely with you in order to make sure that the design process and the engineered products will meet all of the requirements that are needed with a price that is going to be extremely competitive.

It could be that you have some drawings that you created or perhaps you have all of your prints drawn up in CAD file. No matter what the case, we have the abilities to work with you to develop your design concepts from the ground up in order to bring your ideas to life. Another option that we have available for those projects that need it is SLA/SLS rapid prototyping. 

Our designers and engineers work to design all of the tooling for injection molding your plastic parts. In addition we have the ability to proceed with any secondary type of operation that may be needed in order to deliver a completed plastic component. These would include such things as ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, PAD printing, assembly, painting, etc., we will do whatever it takes to complete the project and deliver it to you as specified. 

In order to deliver incredibly high quality products, we have partnered up with other manufacturers that have the capabilities of CNC machining, chrome plating, and other types of specifically designed materials. These partners fill in the gaps that we are not equipped to handle, and do nothing but enhance our ability to fully meet your design needs. 

If the project that you are looking to have completed has nothing to do with injection molding, or plastic molded products, we are also experts in a variety of other plastic processes. These include such things as extrusion, vacuum forming, rotational molding, and even blow molding if this is more in line of what you are looking for. We can also fulfill the needs of our customers by providing packaging and fulfillment services. 

With all of the available services that we offer, you should have no doubt that we are fully capable of exceeding your expectations and providing you with a product that you have envisioned both on time and within the specified budget. Call us at 847-985-1900 or contact us now!